Wood Energy South has funds available to assist Southland businesses with wood energy projects and welcomes applications as part of the Wood Energy South Project. 

Funding is available for Feasibility Studies, as Capital Funding and for Crown Loans. Information for Service Providers is available here.  To apply please contact Wood Energy South before making an application. Click Here


Feasibility Grants

EECA will fund:
•    either up to 75% of the costs of the feasibility study to a maximum  of $15,000.00; or
•    up to 40% of the costs of the feasibility study up to a maximum of $50,000.

Funding applications are due by 31 December 2016

 Recipients may apply later for a Capital Grant or Crown Loan to help implement the project.

Please contact Wood Energy South to discuss your application

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Wood Energy South has funds available to assist in meeting business case thresholds. EECA funding can be up to 40% of your project to a maximum of $100,000.
Capital Funding will only be considered when a business case has been presented.

Funding applications are due by 31 March 2017

Please contact Wood Energy South to discuss your application.


Crown Loans

EECA can help with loans for implementing energy projects in government organisations that have good demonstration value.

Who is eligible?

  • Crown energy efficiency loans are available for:
  • Government departments
  • District health boards
  • Crown owned companies
  • Territorial authorities
  • Regional councils
  • Universities
  • Polytechnics
  • Public and integrated schools

About the loan

The loan is available for a range of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

All applications are evaluated against one another according to the following criteria:

  • Payback period
  • CO² emission reductions
  • How much energy the project saves or is displaced by renewable energy
  • Ability of the project to be a demonstration site for other government bodies, communities, and within the private sector
  • Co-benefits, such as improving air quality or industry development.

Contact EECA for more details or to apply for a Crown Loan