This Resource Centre is a collection of handy tips, tools, calculators and links to other websites that provide invaluable information for you in assessing the merits of clean wood energy as a fuel for use in Southland and conversion to boilers for commercial use.

Wood Energy South is in partnership with EECA and working with BANZ to build on the resources that are currently available.

If you have any other handy tips or information you feel is important in considering clean wood energy for Southland please contact us.

UseWoodFuel New Zealand

This website is the most comprehensive source of information on wood fuel, its production and use in New Zealand. It aims to promote the use of high quality wood fuel and equipment in New Zealand.

Use the site to identify producers and suppliers of wood fuel, equipment providers and consultants with recognised wood fuel expertise. The site also presents information on events, presentations and site open days.

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Using Wood as a Renewable Energy Source


Producing Quality Wood Fuel



The use of wood energy can provide both economic and environmental benefits. EECA Business offers a range of tools and calculators that may assist you.