Thursday 8 June, Level 6 the Kelvin Hotel, Invercargill

This is a technical course for professionals, including consultants and engineers, delivering wood energy projects.  The course will draw on the expertise of industry players and utilise a number of key resources such as the consultant specifier paper and other Bioenergy Association Technical Guides. The course aims to engage participants via discussion and practical case studies that concentrate on the key components of evaluating biomass energy systems.

The course is aimed at providing broad guidance to industry professionals such as consultants or engineers that are directly evaluating and carrying out wood fuelled industrial and commercial heating system projects. The course would also be suitable for staff or organisations that are considering wood energy plants.
Improve your knowledge and technical training while earning Professional Development Credits.

The course covers hot water and saturated steam plant for a size range typical of small to medium commercial and industrial plant, and common wood fuel types. The course considers initial project evaluation to establish business criteria and basic economic viability, system and project design (heat loads, fuel supplies, plant design), and contracting.
Government has also signaled that it wishes to encourage more use of wood fuel instead of coal so we expect an increase in activity. If you want to benefit from that growth you should attend this course.

The purpose of this course is for attendees to:
•    Gain a good understanding of what is important when evaluating and specifying wood      .    fueled heat plant;
•    Have a good working knowledge of wood fuel classification and grading
•    Understand plant design and selection to match fuel availability
•    Be able to analyses project and business risk

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