Takitimu School turn to Wood Energy

The next 25 years heating at a Southland School in the heart of coal country will be provided by wood energy.

Venture Southland Wood Energy Project Coordinator Cathy Jordan says the decision to take the wood energy option by Takitimu School confirms the status of bioenergy heating as a clean green cost effective alternative into the future.

Takitimu School principal Lindsay King says when it comes to assessing the schools future heating options wood energy won hands down for long-term cost effectiveness, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

“It’s great to have had the new system up and running for the last 6 weeks. The entire school is toasty warm. The wood chip levels are monitored by camera and all we have to do is periodically empty the ashes which can go straight on the garden.”

Southland School Property Advisor Gavin McKenzie says the irony of a school in the heart of coal country switching to clean burning wood energy was not lost on him.

“We can expect to see two or three Southland schools converting annually as they individually reassess heat options and follow Ministry of Education guidelines.”

The school previously used coal donated by Solid Energy then later Nightcaps Coal until the boiler failed two years ago leaving the 110 students reliant on electricity as the primary heat source for the last two winters.

CH Faul of Invercargill supplied and handled the installation of the Austrian made Froling heat unit at Takitimu School.

Other Southland schools that either have converted to wood energy or are in the process of converting:

Waihopai School

Donovan Primary

West Gore

Makarewa School

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