Gore Rest Home follows the wood energy pathway

Wednesday 9 August 2017

For Parata Rest Home the conversion to wood energy when their lignite boiler required costly repairs was an obvious one.

The board of trustees had to consider either staying with the lignite option, running the facilities heating systems on diesel or clean burning wood.

The trustees wanted to ensure the system was future proof so lignite was ruled out because of the possibility of future emission charges, as was diesel in addition to its relatively high cost. After consideration wood proved the long-term cost effective option.

Board of Trustee Chair Rex Shallard said that while it comes down to money at the end of the day it is comforting to know that wood is also the healthiest option for both the residents and the wider community.

“We used to be able to smell the lignite in the air and we had to empty the ashes from the boiler at least two times a day; now we empty the ashes once every three months, they can then be used in the gardens at the facility.”

“I would recommend other rest homes seriously consider the option of switching from fossil fuels to this clean and cost effective option. We need to start thinking of long term environmental outcomes for the coming generations.”

Venture Southland GM for Business and Strategic Projects Steve Canny welcomes the decision the Parata board of trustees made when considering the facilities heating options.

“This is a prime example of long term thinking by a progressive organisation. This conversion ticks all the Wood Energy South boxes, we encourage similar facilities to approach us for advice and guidance around biofuel options when considering conversion.”