Mossburn School chooses clean wood energy option

Mossburn School conversion video here:

Mossburn School has joined the growing number of southern schools converting to clean burning, efficient wood energy.

When considering automating the coal feed system to the boiler the Mossburn School Board looked into other heating options, it was decided that the small extra expense of switching to wood pellet heating was the best option.

Mossburn School Principal, Rachel Peters said that when they switched over to biomass wood pellets the whole system was upgraded and arrived in a shipping container that became the new boiler room.

“The boiler is really fantastic in that it adjusts to the outside heat, so if it’s getting hotter during the day the boiler stops giving out as much heat which means we’re not wasting any energy.”

“We feel really good that we’re doing the right thing environmentally in terms of our heating systems.”

Venture Southland GM for Business and Strategic Projects Steve Canny welcomes the decision the board made when considering heating options.

“This is a prime example of long term thinking by a progressive school board, this conversion ticks all the Wood Energy South boxes. We’re proactive in the biomass area and encourage other schools and organisations to approach us for advice and guidance around cleaner biofuel options.”

According to Principal Peters the new wood energy boiler will not only keep the students warm, it’s going to help educate them as well.

“Next year we’ve planned to study the Southland environment as a whole and we’re going to include the environmental impact of the boiler and other school activities within the curriculum.”